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We have been receiving some great publicity. Click on the links below to see what others are saying!
 Jan- 2015 Indy Star worth the wait here
Jan- 2015 Ali Wren blog post here
Aug- 2014 LCC with Jimmy Moore episode 120 here
Jul 2014-  Seize The Globe feature on Cooking Up Kefi here
Jul 2014- Indy Star must have eats here
Apr 2014 - The Daily Meal ranked us  here
Aug 2013- Inside Indiana Business featured us here
Feb 2013- Fox 59 did an article and video here
Jan 2013- Mobile Cuisine poll of hot new food trucks here
Oct 2012- Thriving the Middle Class interviewed me here
Sep 2012- Free the Animal blogged about the paleo food truck scene here
Aug 2012- The Indianapolis Star reviewed my truck here


Aug 2012- Watch my interview on Indy Style here.
Jul 2012- The Ball State Daily News published a great piece here

Jun 2012 Hear me on Jimmy Moore LLVLC podcast 583 here.

May 2012-CURRENT in Fishers published a great piece about here